Build A Better Wheel

People say “Don't reinvent the wheel” a lot. But what about building a better wheel altogether? I mean, could you imagine if we stopped with wheel v1? It's quite rare that anyone gets things right on the first try. And, even then, in the world of tooling it's just as rare that your needs will align perfectly with a preexisting solution. Every person, team, and business will have its own special set of needs. Sometimes those needs line up well enough with what is available on the market. Sometimes they won't. So, instead of settling for second-best, what do we do? Build a better wheel. You already know what you like, what works, and what's missing. Instead of having to reinvent everything, you only need to come up with a v2.

Make things that already exist and make them better. Don't let others tell you that the status quo is good enough.