Any Language Will Do (But Few Will Last)

Python is a powerful language. So is Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript, etc. You can pick just about any one and it'll get the job done today. However, few of them will hold up over time.

The thing that I've come to learn in my years of programming is that it's important to value readability and maintainability. Perhaps even more-so than immediate development. Software lives for a long time. Far longer than you'd ever expect, or sometimes even want, it to. Because of this, I tend to not recommend Python, Java, C#, PHP, etc. The ability to read and understand code is paramount. Java and C# introduce far too much syntax bloat to make things easily digestible for newer developers. Reading code then necessitates a proper way of documenting code. Python strings are out. Maintenance is difficult and/or nigh impossible in dynamically typed languages. As much as I love JavaScript, I wouldn't write a new project with it for this reason. Without type annotations, it's very difficult to come back to a project after several months or years and make a change without unknowingly breaking something else. It's also harder for a newer developer to contribute to a project without accidentally breaking something.

When considering a language for a project, ask yourself: Will it last?